Paul Mixon & The Black Boaters Summit ( The BBS)

In 1997 Paul Mixon, a wanderlust at heart, had settled in the Bay area of northern California. Paul, a sailor and a skier had migrated from Chicago in search of adventure. That summer Paul actuated his dream of sailing down the west cost, traversing the Panama Canal into the Caribbean. Paul's foray ended and took roots in the British Virgin Islands ( BVI ). His dream became expansive, how to get others to come and sail with him in the BVI annually, during the off season of July/August. Be began his pitch of recruiting on the ski slopes during gatherings of the International Brotherhood of Skiers. Fran Kelly, an international Tour Guide and member of the International Brotherhood of Skiers, was on the initial BBS voyage and became an associate of Paul. Fran was also on the very last voyage with Paul in 2017. Without question Paul Mixon was a visionary, he introduced many to the world of sailing. Life long friendships developed, a few marriages occurred and the black boating community grew exponentially from the BBS enterprise.

Some of the earlier skippers Paul recruited included men and women from across the landscape among them were:

Hurricanes Irma and Maria, both category 5, in September, 2017 were so devastating to the Caribbean that recovery is still in the making. Boats, marinas and homes were destroyed. Tourism and boating, the linchpin of the economy has yet to return.

Some 4 months following that last voyage of 2017, Paul Mixon had a massive stroke in December and died on March 5, 2018.

The following Video is of the BBS 2011 Voyage.

Fair Winds!

Carroll Green

The Last BBS

Soulful Sailing Abaco Islands 2007

Soulful Sailing is an 8 minute video on the BBS in the Bahamas nearly 13 years ago. Bill Pinkney, The late Paul Mixon, the late Tony Gilbert and Louis Ethridge are prominently featured. So are Paula White, Carolyn Carson and Paul's late wife, Marvelle, who preceded him in death. Soulful Sailing on land, on the sea, on the dance floor and selling wolf tickets at the pinochle and bid whist table. As some would say; a rough day on a boat beats a terrific day at home.

Fair Winds!

Carroll Green

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