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February 24, 2019Antarctica - The 7th Continent
November 2017Black Boaters Summit - Reposted courtesy of Bob Bitchin' and Latitudes & Attitudes magazine.
October 28, 2016African-American Watermen and The Eastern Shore
November 3, 2019The Legacy is Wonderfully Intact
January 5, 2020Mayor Earnell Brown
June 14, 2020The Last BBS
July 9, 2020Cruising the Dalmation Coast of Croatia

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Lance Lovely

Thank you Carroll . I really enjoyed looking back on one of the best times in my life. I miss all the regulars. We should get together soon......

Andrew Ryal

Great video and narrative Carroll, if available, I would like to have a copy of the video and any other paraphernalia and memorabilia of that trip to the BVI, thanks loads, Semper Fi

Alexander Dawson

This was beautiful my brother. Keep me in the loop

Allen Plaskett

Love it!

R. Steven Wilkinson

Sorry to hear of Paul and Marvelle’s passing. I was a skipper in 2011. My boat was “The Quiet Storm.” Hopefully, someone will continue his legacy.

Gary Dixon

Carroll, That was quite a fun time even though we did not go that year. Nicely done video and the prelude. Looking forward to going in 2021. That will probably be our last one. Take care and be safe.

Mitchell Sharp

Sounds like a nice trip frat. I want to travel like you when i grow up. Always nice to “check boxes” on your list. What did the briefings entail when you put your wet suit & boots on? Safety tips i imagine were part of the briefs? How were you dressed w/out the gear on? Were you dressed in layers? How were the days ~ did it get dark early, w/limited daylight? That was a good read que. I enjoyed the humor as well as the scholarship. Thanx 4 sharing.

Thurman Lindsey

Excellent have a way with words. I felt as if I were living the experience..... although Antarctica is not on my bucket list. I am glad you enjoyed the dessert area. Next I am looking forward to reading “Almost Heaven”. I will be in touch my Brother.

Paula Ward

Wow, Carroll, What a great and informative first person narrative about the 7th continent. I truly enjoyed visiting Antarctica vicariously through you. It is also on my bucket list.

Karen Morris

arroll you are the most fabulous adventure seeking, world traveling man I know & I absolutely love how you’re exploring the ends of this earth and spreading the gospel according to your well lived and exposed Life - I loved Antarctica & I’ll look forward to reading your blog - I’m heading back to Cuba next week and to Haiti the following week - life is amazing plus I’m feeling blessed and grateful for our friendship...thanks for sharing your experiences with the written word!!!

Sherry Suggs

My Dear Carroll, You’ve done it again. I love, love, love everything you write, such a gifted composer of stories. Now the 7th is on my list. Where and how do I get a copy of Almost Heaven?

Joan Jackson

Wow. That truly was an adventure. Thanks for sharing

Yvonne Bolling

Carroll, I like the narrative. I, like you, would probably get off the rocky walk around. Snow seems more appealing. The itinerary and instructions that you sent before your trip was A big help in picturing the group readying for transport on the dinghy. Can’t believe you were chained to the dessert table. More laps at the Y are on your schedule.

Eddie Witten

It is always a delight to hear from you, and you usually always have something interesting going on in your life – but I would never have guessed a trip to Antarctica! I am trying to wrap my head around spending 6 hours (much less 6 days) on a vessel (with all of that water), and in a place where the climate changes as rapidly as you indicated in your narrative. That is amazing! I am guessing it was a little heartwarming learning someone you knew was going on the same journey (or was it?). I remember she was one of the persons who went to the Virgin Islands each year on the Boat Summits. I just took your book to New York this past week for my sister-in-law to read. Now I will have to send the Antarctica piece to her to give her a little more introspection as to the person who wrote the book. Carroll, thanks for sharing, and when you get a chance, please arrange a few minutes to give me a call. Love your adventurous spirit.

Ruth Schilling

Thank you for sharing. I have read this a few times and enjoy it more each time I read it

Johnny Parham

Carroll, thank you for providing a vivid description of the 7th continent. Your experience of adorning heavy clothing and boots for the discovery expeditions is breath-taking. Like Rhonda, I felt as though I was there. Concurrently, I was delighted to have, vicariously visited through your description. Per, your next career should be that of a travel writer. You successfully brought to life that remarkable experience. Again, thank you so much!!

Rhonda Gilbert

As always, you described your trip so well that I felt the artic air blowing on my face! The more I read, the more I was convinced that Antarctica was the next trip for me - that is until near the end of your blog until you said, "How was my trip to Antarctica? It was an educational experience. I learned quite a bit about the 7th Continent. So much so, that I need not return for a refresher course." This made me laugh out loud so I started reading from the beginning again. Your descriptions of everything were so vivid that I saw and smelled those penguins and decomposing carcass. Through your eyes I feel as if I have been to the frigid continent! Thank you so much for taking me on your journey.

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