Carroll Green

Carroll Green, an activist since he was a volunteer worker at the Poor Peoples Campaign headquarters in 1968. He was a founding member of the Ward 1 Democratic Organization, a charter member of the Board of Trustees, University of the District of Columbia, a former chair of the DC Advisory Council on Vocational Education, a former  president of the Federation of Citizens Associations of the District of Columbia and president emeritus of the Manor Park Citizens Association. Carroll was a founding member and a past vice president of the East Rock Creek Village, a volunteer organization created to assist senior citizens to age in their own homes for as long as practical. He remains a volunteer member ferrying seniors to appointments and assisting in small chores around the home.

Barack Obama started as a community organizer. Carroll is a community organizer.

Almost Heaven is a memoir, about growing up in a different world in the 1940's. A memoir that talks about things that families do not talk about. Adoption, poor parenting skills and mental health issues; topics that are generally shunned, oft times much to the devastation of family unity and harmony. While openly candid and revealing, this is a story of love, honor and respect. A story that most families can identify with.

There were no signs, "colored only" or "white only," there were no drinking fountains only well water and outhouses were coed.

The center piece from the door of the Poor Peoples Campaign headquarters, shown to the right, was donated to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, February 2018.

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