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Deborah Frazier

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video of the Last Black Boaters Summit. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful Island, beautiful sisters and brothers taking on the sea. I received Hope and encouragement for the possibilities of what life is all about. “Living Life to the Fullest” and Living each Day as if it’s your Last.”

Nancy F.

I finished reading your book this afternoon and enjoyed reading about your life. It was sad to think of the decline of your hometown – unfortunately all too common in towns like that. I grew up in a very small (2000 pop.) town in southeastern Ohio not so far from coal mining territory. As a beneficiary of white privilege, I really can’t say much in response to your comments about the hardships & injustices in this country, except to say that I am so sorry they continue to exist. I certainly agree with you on the importance of loving your neighbor. . . and I thought you might be interested in a variant of the Golden Rule I heard at an author talk at Politics & Prose several months ago. (Unfortunately my aging brain has forgotten the name of the author and his book.) This author had traveled widely, particularly in Africa, as I recall, interviewing people and taking photos. Social justice was a major concern to him. Having encountered people from so many different cultures, he felt the Golden Rule should be changed to say, “Do unto others as they would wish you to do” – the point being that we can’t assume everyone wants to be treated the same way we wish to be treated. I thought that was worth pondering. I don’t know if it speaks to you.

Sherry Winston

Hey Carroll, I just finished your book today and all I can say is WOW!! I had NO idea that you had been through that kind of life!! Look at al that you have accomplished with all odds going against you. Your adopted parents were the best & did the best they knew how. You are very brave to talk about Tyrone and Boris!! Many of us make big mistakes when We're young & are to alone in being "Stupid" in our youth. You have more than made up for any "sins" that you think you have committed. You have been an up-standing citizen, an activist for human rights & a true friend to many. I understand a lot of what make you tick now, which I didn't understand before. May God Bless you, give you peace of mind and continued success with this book. There's a lot of history in these pages, that many of us were not privy to.

Alberta Hairston

Received my books on Wednesday. Finished reading Wednesday night. Congratulations! Well Done! It brought back to memory things I had long forgotten and, Things I did not know.. A " Great Walk down Memory Lane"

Edward Morris

As luck would have it, I've been jotting down recollections about the little town where I grew up, after a "come lately" started pulling fake news from the air and passing it off as facts. My brother, sister, and several others will be pressed into service as fact checkers. Their memories are much more reliable than mine. Your willingness to share is priceless. THANX again

Yvonne Simpson

Carroll, as a member of the community in your article, including the same timeline, "Almost Heaven", has opened up dialogue of that period of time like never before. The interest in our decadent community has heightened to such a degree that there is a call for a round table discussion that would include the living generation before us, and we are hoping to include the generation after us. I am now reading the book to a precious member of my tribe whose sight is limited. You are one of the many treasures of Bishop, W.Va

Natalie Lambright

Just wanted you to know that I received the book today. Actually was out-of-town for a week so the book has probably been here a few days.. I browsed.. Thanks for including photo of my mom and dad.. Much appreciated!! I will begin reading tonight. I'm already sure that you story is not much different from mine. I am so thankful to have been raised in Bishop, a true village. That community (Mr. Carl, dad, mom, Aunt Nora, Aunt Ethel, Ms. Revels, Mrs. Amy) and so many others shaped my life! Since my brother Reginald still lives there, I go home at least one/twice a year. Due to flooding and low population, Bishop doesn't look the same. However, Little Zion Baptist Church is still a beacon not only in that community, but in all of Big Creek District and McDowell County! You should consider attending the next church anniversary, usually held in August!!

Dolores Morris

Mr. Green, just finished your book and want you to know how much Lucius & I enjoyed it. It was most interesting and informative and in many respects could certainly relate to it. While we both go back some years from you, actually around 1935 prior to World War 11, Lucius’ family migrated from Social Circle, GA to Washington DC. His family members were sharecroppers, getting nowhere, while working all day in the cotton fields. I was born in Washington DC around that same time, so didn’t know migration as such. You did a great job introducing your family and sharing your early childhood and moving forward to your leaving Bishop, being educated and disciplined alone the way. We really enjoyed the reading and your final perspective on life; never bitter but pursuing your calling and passing it on to your readers. Thank you so much and do hope you continue to “let your light shine”!!

Ken Maton

I very much enjoyed reading Almost Heaven.. I learned about a time and place for growing up very different than my own, and the staying power in children's lives of the tight-knot community of the Village of Bishop, WV. It was great fun learning more about Carroll, reading the book while exercising on the stationary bike in the Silver Spring YMCA where Carroll and I met, biking side by side, a kind of community of its own.

Jeanette Martin

I enjoyed reading your story. Much love over comes a heap of sorrow. I am glad you were and still are an overcomer. Thank you for telling your story. And for sharring your wealth of knowledge.

Cynthia Scurlock

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I finished it last week but kept getting offline before I could send you this message. I certainly see why you're a no-nonsense person.

Jeff Lilley

As a white male born in the 1960s, I knew little of the world Carroll Green grew up in. He was raised in a West Virginia border town where all were mostly treated the same and then made his life in a world of institutionalized racism. Carroll faced the challenges head on,in the same way he writes the book. I would have loved to hear more about his professional career. A brave man with a generous soul. Thanks for sharing, Carroll.

Melanie Mitchell

The title of this book, Almost Heaven, It wasn’t even close, had me fascinated and as I read it, could not put it down. The general premise centers around life in West Virginia-lessons learned, purposefully or not. It was captivating in that I felt very much like I was living the story-experiencing the trials, tribulations and joy. It dealt with the gamut of substance abuse, mental illness, love, betrayal, death, etc. I recommend this reading for the history buffs and I am anxiously anticipating the next one!

Rob Chichester

Carroll Green is a good man. He is civic-minded and philanthropic with his time. His story, as told in Almost Heaven, clearly explains how he became the man he is. It also further endeared my good friend to me. I encourage everyone to read his autobiography...whether you know him or not. There are lessons for us all.

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